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Native Americans for Distance Learning

Free Native American Google Slides Activities

Now with distance learning, I decided it was time to update my American History Lapbook Series using Google Apps. This means my free Native American Lapbook resource has been updated. Native Americans for Distance Learning is a perfect for home study.

Let me back up a moment and explain from the beginning. The Native American section is one of the most visited areas of the Book Units Teachers Website. These webpages include reports, craft ideas, teaching materials, a quiz, and much more. Many of the photos in this section came from the Native American Student Museum. Continue Reading

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Native Americans

Native American Chart

Native Americans

Native Americans is one of my favorite topics to teach. It doesn’t matter the grade level; students are fascinated. They become active learners when studying about different tribes, customs, etc.

One great way to begin your exploration is with this Native American chart. Each box contains links to information written by students. The webpages are not only fullĀ of great information but student-made dioramas, Native American crafts, and costumes. Continue Reading

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