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Parts of Speech ~ Adjectives

Ten Ideas for Teaching Adjectives

Teaching adjectives has never been easier. Check out the games, videos, PowerPoints, classroom displays, printables, and more. 

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Parts of Speech ~ Verbs

Ten Ideas for Teaching Verbs

Check out these ten ideas for teaching verbs. Activities include games, printables, books, videos, classroom displays and more.

It’s a verb. It’s a verb. Continue Reading

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Parts of Speech ~ Conjunctions

Ten Ideas for Teaching Interjections

Are you looking for some activities to teach conjunctions? This post has links to printables, games, posters and more.

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Parts of Speech ~ Adverbs

Ten Ideas for Teaching Adverbs

Are you looking for some adverb activities? Check out the anchor chart below. Then follow the links to printables, games, and more. Be sure to download the mini posters. They make a terrific classroom display. My students especially love Idea #6 – Schoolhouse Rock. You’ll hear students humming  “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here.” Also Idea #9 -BrainPop – offers a great explanation on adverbs. Be sure students take the quiz that accompanies their mini lesson.

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Parts of Speech ~ Prepositions

Ten Ideas for Teaching Prepositions

Enjoy these ten ideas for teaching prepositions.

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Parts of Speech ~ Interjections

Ten Ideas for Teaching Interjections

#1  Introduction Lesson

 When teaching interjections for the first time to a class I like to begin with this activity. . . .

I ask the class to imagine they are at a football game. [You can change this to basketball, baseball, etc. depending on the season.] I ask the students to tell me some short CLEAN phrases they might say while watching the game. While students say words like “Go! Yeah! Alright! Yes!” etc. I type these on the computer for the class to view using SMARTBoard. I encourage additional responses by asking questions such as, “If you spill your popcorn, what would you say?” or “If you accidentally bump into your neighbor, what would you say?” and so on to get an assortment of words/phrases that might be said with excitement as well as in a normal voice. 

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Parts of Speech ~ Nouns

Ten Ideas for Teaching Nouns

Something to think about . . . .

Prepositions and interjections are like the glue in our sentences. These short words are taught as early as kindergarten using flashcards. Whether you use the Dolch list, STAR, or some other list, students learn these words in the primary grades. Likewise, pronouns are taught at an early age. This means that by the time students reach the upper elementary grades, vocabulary lists are comprised of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and an occasional conjunction.

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