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Animated Short On the Same Page Lesson

Teaching Reading and Writing with Animated Short Films - FREE Activities

The animated short film On the Same Page is uniquely creative. A news reporter types an article for the newspaper. The reporter types, “There is nothing to report today.” Continue Reading

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Reference Materials Mini Lesson

Reference Materials Anchor Chart

This free ‘Reference Materials Mini Lesson’ contains three activities. The lesson is designed to help students determine which reference materials are needed to locate specific types of information. The lesson goes over six types of reference materials. These include dictionaries, thesauri, manuals, encyclopedias, atlases, and almanacs.

Download either printable and digital versions. Continue Reading

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Christmas in July ~ The Gift of the Magi ~ Part 1

The Gift of the Magi ~ Free Lesson Plans ~ Part 1 Vocabulary

Vocabulary for The Gift of the Magi

It’s not too early to plan your Christmas units. The Gift of the Magi is a heartwarming story of a young married couple who sell their most prized possessions to have money to buy gifts for the other. It makes a wonderful mini-unit to teach during the Christmas season.

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