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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ~ Chapter 8 “The Deadly Poppy Field”

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Chapter 8 ~ The Deadly Poppy Field

As the travelers crossed the river on the raft, the current was strong causing the raft to float downstream. The water became deep and their poles could not reach the bottom. Suddenly the Scarecrow gave a mighty push with his pole, and it stuck to the river bottom. Scarecrow was left dangling from the pole in the middle of the river as the raft continued to rush downstream. The Lion decided he must jump off the raft and pull it to shore. The group got off the raft and headed back upstream toward the Scarecrow. Stork came along and volunteered to carry the Scarecrow. Stork left the Scarecrow on the bank of the river. As the group continued back upstream looking for the yellow brick road, they came upon a field of poppies. The poisonous odor of the poppies caused Dorothy, Toto, and the Lion to fall asleep. The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman carried Dorothy and Toto out of the field to fresh air, but the Lion was too heavy to carry and had to be left behind. Continue Reading

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