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Song for a Whale Activities

Teaching Ideas to use with Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly

Song for a Whale is a terrific novel based on a real whale. The “world’s loneliest whale” sings at an unusual frequency of 52 Hz that can’t be heard by other whales. Author Lynne Kelly heard of this whale, paired it with her knowledge of sign language through her career as an interpreter, and this magical story was created.

Song for a Whale Book Summary

Ms. Alamilla shows her class a film about a whale called Blue 55 that sings out in frequencies around 55 hertz, not the typical 35 hertz of most whales, plus his sound patterns are different. Blue 55 doesn’t have any friends. He migrates in an unusual pattern all alone. Iris feels a connection to Blue 55 because she feels the same way he must feel. Continue Reading

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Save Me a Seat

Save me a Seat

Save Me a Seat centers around two characters that are in the same 5th-grade class at Albert Einstein Elementary School in Hamilton, New Jersey. Ravi is “just off the boat” from Bangalore, India. His dad has been transferred. Joe is all American. He has APD (Auditory Processing Disorder) which causes him to not be able to filter out noises to concentrate on his school work. APD is also the reason Joe doesn’t have friends. The story is told in alternating chapters between these two characters.

The problems for both boys begin to escalate. Since Joe’s mother gets a job as a lunchroom monitor. She completely embarrasses Joe on the first day of school by blowing him a kiss across the lunchroom. Ravi tells his family that his teacher thinks he needs extra help because no one can understand his English. Continue Reading

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