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Roald Dahl Day

Ideas and Free Resources for Roald Dahl Day

Every year Roald Dahl Day is celebrated on September 13, Dahl’s birthday. Have an exceptional Roald Dahl Day with some of these resources!

So, who was Roald Dahl?

Roald Dahl was a children’s author of many best-selling children’s books. In fact, he wrote 19 of them selling more than 250 million copies worldwide. Before Dahl started his writing career, he lived an interesting life. Continue Reading

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9 Websites with Free eBooks

28 Free Resources for Distance Learning

During this time of social distancing, how do I get novels to my students? The challenges of distance learning are immense. As teachers dive into a plethora of new computer programs and resources that haven’t been tried in the past, frustration builds. One question that comes up repeatedly is…how do I get novels for distance learning? Students can’t run out to the shops and purchase them. The answer is free eBooks.

Won’t purchasing eBooks be expensive? No, several websites provide eBooks that are completely FREE. So, take a deep breath and see if any of these sites will work for you. Continue Reading

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Children’s Books into Movies 2020


While watching a series of previews at the theater over the holiday, I thought…”This is based on a children’s book. Another children’s books. Can you believe it? Still another children’s book.” I began to get excited at the thought of so many children’s books becoming movies. So…I went home and did a little investigating. Book lovers are in for a real treat this 2020. Continue Reading

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Teaching using the Dolittle Movie


With its megastar cast, many students will be talking about the movie Dolittle. Not only does the film feature Robert Downey Jr. as Dolittle, but the animals are also voiced by superstars. Just to name a few, Tom Holland plays Dolittle’s dog Jip; Emma Thompson plays the parrot Polynesia, and Selena Gomez plays the giraffe, Betsy. Take advantage of this high-interest moment by teaching a few skills connected with the film. Continue Reading

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Johnny Appleseed Free Teaching Materials

Vocabulary from Gay

Not only can you get these free Johnny Appleseed vocabulary activities, but check out a slew of additional apple activities for big kids on my updated apple webpages here.

These webpages include figurative language, facts, and teaching ideas. Apple quotes are great for teaching Common Core figurative language standards. Students can refer to details and examples when explaining what the text says explicitly (another Common Core Standard) with a great list of apple facts. Have students write creatively using apples as a theme. Students can learn to follow directions with the classroom apple recipes.  Continue Reading

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Separate is Never Equal

Enjoy this free lesson for the picture book Separate is Never Equal ~Sylvia Mendez & Her Fight for Desegregation~. Free resources include both printable and digital versions.

Separate is Never Equal is an exceptional picture book. This post contains some teaching ideas to use with the book as well as a free mini-lesson. The lesson includes both printable and digital activities. Before you begin reading, you may wish to grab the free materials.

Use this link to download the free resource. Continue Reading

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Great Books for Teaching Students About Empathy

Books that Teach Empathy

Great Books for Teaching Students About Empathy

Just last week, the 317th mass shooting took place this year in the United States. A gunman in California drove through a locked gate. He then shot through the windows of the elementary school killing four people. Teaching students empathy is more important than ever in this time we live in. If students better understand diversified populations some of this violence may be curtailed. Health problems, learning challenges, and racial or cultural differences are just a few of the topics children’s authors have tackled in literature. Here are some great books for today’s classroom. Continue Reading

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