Choice Boards (Think-Tac-Toe, BINGO, Menus, RAFT, & 1-3-5)

Free Choice Board Templates

(Think-Tac-Toe, BINGO, Menus, RAFT, and 1-3-5)

Units of study that provide students with the option to choose tasks is a great way to differentiate instruction. Activities are placed on graphic organizers for students to select. Tasks may be organized based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, the complexity of the tasks, learning styles, or multiple intelligence.

Some advantages include — Continue Reading

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Back-to-School BINGO

Help your students meet classmates with similar interests with this Back-to-School BINGO game.

Are you looking for a getting-to-know-you activity for the first week of school? Here is one your students are sure to love.

Setting Up the BINGO Game

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Three End of the Year Activities in One

Have fun with these end of the year activities!


Try rolling these three end of the year activities into one. Your students are sure to remember this fondly all summer long.  Continue Reading

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