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Back-to-School Procedure Task Cards

Free Editable Procedure Task Cards

Teaching Procedures

Teaching procedures during the first weeks of school can become monotonous for students. Because of this, I have created task cards which work well with the game Scoot. Instructions for Scoot are included in the download.

Scoot Activity

Playing Scoot turns using a set of task cards into a game. You play by placing one task card on each student’s desk. For easier recording, place the cards in numerical order. Give each student one copy of a sheet to record answers. Continue Reading

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Back-to-School BINGO

Help your students meet classmates with similar interests with this Back-to-School BINGO game.

Are you looking for a getting-to-know-you activity for the first week of school? Here is one your students are sure to love.

Setting Up the BINGO Game

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