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Holocaust Heroes

Ten Interesting Facts Holocaust

Some Holocaust heroes include Raoul Wallenberg, Giovanni Palatucci, Oskar Schindler, Andre Trocmé, Irena Sendler, Nicholas Winton, Chiune Sugihara, and Varian Fry.  All have different stories and backgrounds, but they all share a common thread. All risked their lives to save Jewish people during the Holocaust. They are often referred to as “Righteous Among the Nations.” …

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Native Americans for Distance Learning

Native American Digital Lapbook

Now with distance learning, I decided it was time to update my American History Lapbook Series using Google Apps. This means my free Native American Lapbook resource has been updated. Native Americans for Distance Learning is perfect for home study. Let me back up a moment and explain from the beginning. The Native American section …

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How a Bill Becomes a Law Teaching Ideas

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Are you looking for some interesting ways to teach students about how a bill becomes a law? Look no further. This post contains everything you will need. How a Bill Becomes a Law This section includes websites, videos, an anchor chart, and activities to use with your students. Activity #1 – Anchor Chart   This …

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Famous People Interviews

Famous People Interviews

‘Famous People Interviews’ is a hugely successful activity for teachers to use in the classroom. During this activity, the teacher assigns an important historical figure to each student. After researching the assigned person. The student takes on the role of a famous person and is interviewed by another student in the class. Preparation Requirements Students …

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Teaching with Colonial America Organizers

Colonial America Organizers

Students are much more likely to remember information when it is presented in graphic organizer format. These three Colonial America organizers provide information for the Southern, Mid-Atlantic, and New England Colonies.  Students research to find three sets of information. the colonies from each region the name of the settlement, leader, date settled, and the reason why …

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Ten Interesting Facts…The Revolutionary War

Ten Interesting Facts Revolutionary War

Students will enjoy reading these “Ten Interesting Facts about the Revolutionary War.” Be sure to head to the bottom of the post for links to a printable version. Also, check out the Revolutionary War foldable organizer link as well.  Grab your free materials here. Get a printable version of these interesting facts by clicking here. …

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Ten Interesting Facts…Veterans Day

Ten Interesting Facts Veterans Day

Fact 1 Veterans Day is an official United States holiday that celebrates veterans who served in any U. S. Armed Forces. Fact 2 Veterans Day is observed on November 11. This is a significant date. It is the anniversary of the end of World War I in which fighting ended on the 11th day of …

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