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My Side of the Mountain Activities

Teaching Ideas to use with My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

Students have loved My Side of the Mountains for several generations. The story is timeless. Many tweens have wondered what it would be like to run away from home and live off the land. Sam does just that in this fantastic novel.

My Side of the Mountain Book Summary

My Side of the Mountain is written as a flashback. Sam often makes comments about how he felt or what he didn’t know back then that lets the reader know that Sam is telling about something that happened in his past. He also references notes that he wrote in a journal. Continue Reading

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Helping Readers Bloom Spring Link-up

Using the Novel Wishtree by Katherine Applegate to Promote Reading

Welcome to the Helping Readers Bloom Spring Link-up.

The Reading Crew is a group of primary through middle school reading specialists. About three to four times a year, we share materials and ideas through a blog link up. Enjoy reading through our posts and collecting free materials to use in your classroom this spring. Links to all the posts are found at the end of this post. Before you leave, enter the rafflecopter also found at end of this post. The raffle will be open from 4/6/18 (6:00 AM EST) to 4/11/18 at (6:00 AM EST). We are giving away over $600.00 in prizes including an Apple iPad mini WiFi + gift cards for a total of 8 winners. Have a great time exploring our blog posts, and I wish you luck in the raffle! Continue Reading

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Ten Interesting Facts . . . . Surviving in the Wilderness

Ten Interesting Facts . . .
Surviving the Wilderness

  1. Water Needed for Surviving in the Wilderness

    • Humans need eight cups of water each day.

    • When 1% of the total water weight of a person’s body is lost, the person will feel thirsty. Continue Reading

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