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Children’s Books into Movies 2020


While watching a series of previews at the theater over the holiday, I thought…”This is based on a children’s book. Another children’s books. Can you believe it? Still another children’s book.” I began to get excited at the thought of so many children’s books becoming movies. So…I went home and did a little investigating. Book lovers are in for a real treat this 2020. Continue Reading

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Teaching using the Dolittle Movie


With its megastar cast, many students will be talking about the upcoming movie Dolittle on MLK weekend – January 17, 2020. Not only does the film feature Robert Downey Jr. as Dolittle, the animals are voiced by superstars. Just to name a few, Tom Holland will play Dolittle’s dog Jip; Emma Thompson will play the parrot Polynesia; and Selena Gomez will play the giraffe Betsy. Take advantage of this high interest moment by teaching a few skills connected with the film. Continue Reading

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