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Prefix Teaching Activities and Ideas

Games, Anchor Charts, Foldable Organizers and More to Teach Prefixes

Are you searching for some new prefixes activities? This post is loaded with ideas and free printables.

The English Language

English is a mix of several languages including French, Italian, Greek and Latin, Vietnamese and so on. This makes the number of words linguists estimate the English language to have extremely large —- approximately one million words. About 170,000 of these words are in current use. The average adult English speaker has a vocabulary between 20,000 to 35,000 words. Ninety-five percent of everyday writing and speech in newspapers, most books, movies, etc. use only about 3,000 words. So…how do we prepare our students for college entrance exams when everyday life exposes them to so such a narrow list of vocabulary words? —- We teach students prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots. Continue Reading

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Learning Log – A Teaching Strategy

Enjoy these free printables to teach students how to create learning logs.

What is a Learning Log?

A learning log is a specialized type of journal. Unlike typical journals, students record responses to the material they are learning.

Learning logs may include: Continue Reading

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Semantic Feature Analysis – A Teaching Strategy

Teach semantic feature analysis with these free printables including ones for the novel The Westing Game..

Semantic feature analysis (SFA) uses a grid to help students visualize how topics are related to one another. Learners complete the grid to see connections between items, make predictions, or categorize topics. 

When to Use SFA

Use semantic feature analysis any time students have a list of topics to compare and contrast. This strategy is helpful to use when: Continue Reading

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Semantic Maps – A Teaching Strategy

Teach semantic mapping with these free printables.

What are Semantic Maps?

Like concept webs, semantic webs are a visual organizer that help students structure information. Usually semantic maps are slightly more complex than concept webs. 

When to Use Semantic Maps

Semantic maps may be used for thousands of skills. Try these ideas: Continue Reading

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Concept Webs – A Teaching Strategy

Free Concept Web Practice

Since the human brain processes visuals much faster than text, using concept webs is an important learning strategy for students.

What is a Concept Web?

Concept webs are visual diagrams that connect abstract ideas. Students use these to connect prior knowledge and experiences to new information. Continue Reading

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Roald Dahl Day

Ideas and Free Resources for Roald Dahl Day

Have an exceptional Roald Dahl Day on September 13 with some of these resources!

Resource #1

Download this free printable. Students will have a great time comparing the main characters of six of Dahl’s most famous books. Continue Reading

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The Westing Game Book Unit Activities

Teaching Ideas to use with the novel  The Westing Game

Newbery Medal winner The Westing Game will keep the reader guessing ‘who did it’ from beginning to end. The story opens with Barney Northrup selling apartments at the Sunset Towers. Only a selected group of tenants receive an invitation to purchase the luxury estate at affordable prices.

Once the tenants move in, sixteen are invited to a reading of Sam Westing’s will. The heir who can figure out how he died wins Westing’s entire fortune. Continue Reading

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