Carousel Brainstorming

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In preparation for Carousel Brainstorming, you will need four markers: one black and three different colors based on group colors. Using a black marker, write titles on the top of three pieces of chart paper. Place the chart paper in three locations around the classroom.

Divide the students into three different groups. Using the different colored name badges is the most efficient way to prepare for grouping the students.


1) Give the recorder in each group a marker based on the group’s color.
2) Explain that the students will write information on the chart paper about the designated topic. The information may include:

  • Definitions
  • Examples
  • Facts
  • Next Step or Next Part

3) Each group will work with each chart for a predetermined number of minutes. Ten minutes works well if class time allows.
4) After the designated number of minutes, a signal will be given and groups will rotate counter-clockwise to the next chart. Students must first read what the previous group has written because they are not allowed to add something to the chart that has been written by a previous group.
5) After each group has written on all charts, the reporter from each group will share the information from the last topic his/her group worked on with the class.

Carousel Brainstorming

This is the final result of a carousel brainstorming activity I completed with my class. Students had to summarize articles they had read on superheroes.

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