Teaching Problems and Solutions with a Winter Theme

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Here in the mountains of North Carolina, winter came in with a vengeance. Students have missed several days of school. A fresh wave of 12 to 24 inches is predicted for this weekend. It seems fitting to load up on some great winter materials for the classroom during this snow event.

Collect free winter teaching materials from The Reading Crew. Collect free winter teaching materials from The Reading Crew.

This doe and buck visit on a regular basis. They came out for a meal as soon as the ice began melting on November 16. Notice the red leaves lying on the ground have just fallen off the tree.

A Real Treat

The Reading Crew is a group of primary through middle school reading specialists. About three to four times a year, we share materials and ideas through a blog link up. Enjoy reading through our posts and collecting free materials to use in your classroom this winter. Links to all the posts are found at the end of this post. 

This link up is going to be extra special. Each post offers two great opportunities. First collect the free item.  Mine, Problems and Solutions, is a product in my Teachers pay Teachers store that normally sells for $5.00. It will be free for two days only, Saturday and Sunday. Next, sign up for a $25.00 gift card from Teachers pay Teachers in the raffle below.

The Give Away

Collect free winter teaching materials from The Reading Crew. In this product, Students learn about problems and solutions with winter themed organizers and articles. Several mini-posters go over rules. A series of foldable graphic organizers look great as a lap book. They also work well in interactive notebooks. The organizers go over rules, definitions, transition words, and ways to set up a  problem and solution mini-essay.

In addition to the organizers, students read paragraphs on twelve task cards and answer questions. Organizers for breaking down these nonfiction passages help students analyze the problems and solutions.

Finally,  three activities provide additional practice including discussion pictures, a mini-unit on Snowflake Bentley, and writing prompts.

I hope your students enjoy these fun activities!

More Problems and Solutions Free Stuff

If your students need more practice with this important skill, check out these free materials.

If you are looking to add some high interest activities to your lessons, try using animated shorts to teach problems and solutions. This post contains the animated short “Taking the Plunge” found on Vimeo and inserted in this post. In this animated short, the main character has a problem he must solve. Handouts, leveled for upper elementary students, with graphic organizers encourage students to think about problems and solutions. You can download the handout here.

This postTeaching Problems and Solutions with Songs is the final one in a series of four. This link contains a handout with the list of the songs from all four posts as well as some graphic organizers that can be used to evaluate the songs.

Problems and Solutions Anchor Chart

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