Activity 2 for Basic Plot Patterns in Literature

Basic Plot Patterns in Literature

If you are reaching this post without seeing the previous basic plot patterns posts, you might wish to start at the beginning. Be sure to download the handout in the Introduction post as it contains links to all the posts in this series.

Christopher Booker outlined seven basic plots. You will find a post for each plot. Each post contains a handout. This handout includes a foldable graphic organizer going over the basic plot pattern. Examples  and outlines help students better understand the plot. Students ‘dig deeper’ with discussion questions. After students explore each plot individually, this activity contains a fun way to practice. 

The Activity


The handout contains seven pockets, one for each plot. These may be assembled and glued onto a file folder. Twenty-eight summaries are printed on cards. Print out the cards, Laminate for repeated use. Cut the cards apart.


Students read a book and movie summary. Next they decide which of Booker’s seven plots the summary best fits. Students sort the summaries into pockets based on the plot. Finally students record their answers on a chart. 

This activity is great for individual morning review, centers, or a small group activity.
Free Plot Structure Sorting Activity

Handout for this Post

Free Basic Plot Structure Sorting Activity

I hope you have a fantastic year! Enjoy reading.

Gay Miller

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