I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster, 1937

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Eleven-year-old Hugo holds his little sister Gertie in his arms as they wait to board the Hindenburg. Hugo and his family have lived in Kenya for the past year while his parents who are science professors study the lions in the Thika Valley. Unfortunately, Gertie was bitten by a mosquito and got malaria. Hugo’s family must quickly get back to the states for Gertie to receive treatment. Riding the Hindenburg is the quickest way to travel in 1937.

On top of caring for his sister, Hugo becomes tangled with a spy plot. Colonel Kohl works closely with Hitler. He takes the trip on the Hindenburg in hopes of catching a spy. Naturally, Hugo must decide how to help the American spy. All the while the reader knows the Hindenburg is about to face a fiery crash landing.

Students will beg to read ‘just one more chapter’ with this boo. 

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I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster, 1937

Activity #1 

Watch the newsreel of the Hindenburg crash. 



Activity #2

Compare and Contrast the Hindenburg and the Titanic.

Activity #3

Learn about a helium-filled zeppelin in the United States. Students will learn the answers to these questions. — What’s the difference between an airship, a blimp, and a zeppelin? How do they stay aloft? How high and how fast can they fly?

Activity #4

If you would like to try out the I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster, 1937 Book Unit before you buy it, this download contains free samples including:

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  • Comprehension Questions for Chapters 1-2 
  • Constructed Response Question for Chapters 1-2 
  • Photos to Show What the Rest of the Unit Looks Like

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