The Wild Robot Escapes Activities

The Wild Robot Book Activities

The Wild Robot Escapes by Peter Brown combines a science fiction story involving a robot of the future with a fantasy in which animals talk. This sequel beautifully wraps up the story.


Roz works on the Hilltop Farm for the Shareef family. The family needs Roz because Mrs. Shareef died in an accident on the farm, and Mr. Shareef injured his leg. After the accident, Mr. Shareef took over his wife’s chores of doing the bookwork and running the household. Because Mr. Shareef can no longer do farm work, he scrapes together enough money to purchase a refurbished robot to run the dairy farm. Roz is responsible for making sure the animals are well-cared for and all the equipment that runs the farm is in good repair.

Roz spends her days fixing farm equipment and making sure the cows are well-cared for. One day a drone flies off the property and wrecks. Roz realizes after she goes off property to retrieve the drone that Mr. Shareef can detect when she leaves the farm. When winter approaches, several flocks of geese fly by the farm on their way to their summer home. Roz asks Wingtip if he knows Brightbill, her son. She ends up telling Wingtip her story.

Roz spends a lot of time playing games with the Shareef children, Jad and Jaya. She hopes that one day they will trust her enough to help her get back to the island. One day while Roz is talking to the cows, Jad and Jaya come in and see her. Roz tells them her story.

Will Jad and Jay help Roz get back to her beloved island? Will Roz ever see Wingtip? Read The Wild Robot Escapes to find out. There is no question about it; your students will love this book!

Activities for The Wild Robot Escapes

Book Unit Samples

Free Samples from The Wild Robot Escapes Book Unit

This sample includes 

  • Vocabulary Practice for Chapters 1-6
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapters 1-6
  • Constructed Response Question – Setting




Teaching Idea #1 ~ Build Your Own Robot

The Wild Robot Teaching Ideas

You students will love assembling one of these robots during your novel study.


 Design Your Own Robot

Roz from Twinkle

Teaching Idea #2 ~ Robot Science 

The Wild Robot Teaching Ideas

Explore the balance and center of gravity plus the gliding robot with these free printables. The blog posts from BUGgy and BuDdy also include short videos to see the robots in action.



Teaching Idea #3 ~ Wild Robot Snack

Cute and Healthy The Wild Robot Snack

How cute is this! Create a healthy snack that looks like a robot using applesauce, raisins, and a juice box. Your students will love this!



Teaching Idea #4 ~ Peter Brown Website

The Wild Robot Escapes Teaching Ideas

Peter Brown not only wrote The Wild Robot but illustrated it as well. Viewers can see the process Peter Brown went through to write The Wild Robot Escapes. Check out his research process, story map, plot points, and illustrations.






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The Wild Robot Book Unit is available at Teachers Pay Teachers.

The Wild Robot Escapes Novel Study includes vocabulary practice, comprehension questions, constructed response writing, and skill practice.  



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