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The Search

Teachers are so overwhelmed with hundreds of daily tasks. I wanted to add something to my book units to make their lives easier.

Many of my units contain Hot Potatoes quizzes. These are great but have limitations. Once a teacher hands out a password, students learn they can practice taking the quizzes at home until they learn all the answers. Because of this, I recommend placing the quizzes on the SmartBoard. Students can write down the ABCD answer choices on a piece of paper. These are quick to grade. 

I wanted to do more. I looked for interactive quiz programs that would grade quizzes without students having access beforehand. The programs I found all had problems. Some were extremely expensive to use. Others only allowed public access. Still, others only provided printable tests….. Then, last summer I attended a session for Boom Learning™ at the Teachers Pay Teachers conference. I was impressed.

What is Boom Learning™?

Boom Learning™ takes task cards and makes them a self-scoring interactive tool. The website collects data. Teachers receive detailed reports. It is a win-win situation.



Without paying a dime, students can use the Boom Learning™ website using the FASTPLAY mode. This allows students to play all free Boom Decks (or decks purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers) without the teacher reports.

From now until December 31, you can get a one-year membership for FREE. This allows you to assign up to 80 students (3 classes) which allows you to gather data each time students work on a deck.

Boom Learning offers four membership levels: all extremely affordable. The Starter (free), Basic ($9.00), Power ($19.00), and Ultimate ($25.00) provide one year of use.

No Preparation 

Teachers can assign decks to students without the normal printing, photocopying, cutting out, and laminating of traditional task cards. 

Integrating Technology – Paperless Activity 

Since the decks are interactive, students use computers, laptops, iPads, and even phones to access the cards. This means you can assign decks for students to do at school or at home.

Create your Own Lessons OR Find Pre-Made Ones

Many authors have already created lessons for you to use. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can create your own lessons.

Extensive Reports 

With Basic-Ultimate memberships, teachers set up classes and assign decks. Extensive reports are provided for the teacher. These not only include which questions were answered correctly, but the amount of time spent answering each question.


Getting Started

This link takes you to my website where you can view several how-to videos.

You can try out this deck using the FAST PLAY option or set up an account. For TpT customers new to Boom Cards, Boom Learning will give you, for one year, a free account that lets you track student progress for up to 80 students. At the end of that year, you may renew or choose not to renew. If you do not renew, you will be able to continue using Boom Cards with the Fast Play feature. Fast Play does not track individual progress.

Enjoy this free deck using
Boom Learning™.

Free Set of Author's Purpose Task Cards Hosted by Boom Learning

Activity 3 – Writing with a Specific Purpose

Doughnut Writing Project with Different Purposes
Doughnut Writing Project with Different Purposes

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