Authentic Learning – A Teaching Strategy

Teach authentic learning with these free vacation planner printables.Authentic learning provides tasks that allow students to learn through real-life situations. Students apply what they have learned in class to realistic circumstances. Often students go outside the classroom. This could include field trips.

For example, students studying finance may visit a business to see how it operates. Students then evaluate the practices the business uses. This aids in a simulation where students create a mock business.

In authentic learning, students collaborate with their peers. Teachers take on the role of coach supporting student learning. 


    • Simulations
      • Students go through the procedures of running a lemonade stand.
      • Students conduct mock trails.
    • Engagement
      • Learners conduct fund-raisers for specific causes such as ‘Schools for Africa.’
      • Teachers write grants all the time. Turn the tables. Have students write grants to receive school supplies.
      • Students create and conduct a survey.
      • Environmentalists solve a local issue. This could be to organize a town clean-up day. Students could also figure out creative ways to get the town to recycle.
    • Creating Media
      • Pupils go through all the step of creating an ad campaign.
      • Students create a video about their hometown. Videos can include interviews, narratives, and skits.
      • Artists create the next Google doodle. This may sound like a simple project, but it requires research. Students must research the event connected with the special event. ‘This Day in 
      • History.’ The logos usually go to a write-up about the special day.
      • Learners develop a new game.
      • Students compose letters. This could be a letter to the author asking questions about the book. A letter could be written to a city official detailing a change that should be done.
      • Writers publish a class book. Class books could include poetry or short stories. Illustrations would also need to be included.
      • Instead of asking students to write an ordinary book review, have them write reviews for Amazon. Goodreads is also a website that accepts book reviews.
      • Readers create book trailers for Youtube.
      • Artists design movie sets.
    • Performance
      • Learners reenact real-world situations through skits and plays.
      • Students dress in costumes and act out characters from novels.
      • Students share history through a real-life wax museum.
      • Learners take on the role of historical figures being interviewed.
      • Singers write jingles.


      • actively engages students
      • relevant to students’ lives
      • prepares students for careers
      • exposes students to different perspectives
      • uses an interdisciplinary approach
      • requires higher order thinking skills
      • provides opportunities for collaboration

Give this Strategy a Try

One great end of the year project is to have students plan a vacation. This includes planning meals, travel plans, hotels, and entertainment. You can find a sample vacation planning lesson here. This free handout includes charts for students to plan all expenses. 


Free Printables to Guide Students Through an Authentic Task - Planning a Vacation


Gay Miller

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