Learning Log – A Teaching Strategy

Enjoy these free printables to teach students how to create learning logs.What is a Learning Log?

A learning log is a specialized type of journal. Unlike typical journals, students record responses to the material they are learning.

Learning logs may include:

    • Concept Webs
    • Semantic Maps
    • Semantic Feature Analysis
    • Lists of Unanswered Questions Students Have
    • Observations for Experiments
    • Teaching Strategies

Why Use Learning Logs?

  • Learning logs prepare students to be great note takers.
  • Students have reference notes.
  • Students may use learning logs to reflect on learning.
  • Teacher can check for student understanding of a topic.
  • Learning logs become a example of student growth.
  • Teachers can determine which strategies are effective or ineffective.

How to Use a Learning Log

  1. The teacher must decide if binders, notebooks, folders, etc. should be used.
  2. The teacher prepares ‘Learning Log’ entries. These may be process entries that reflect on what students have learned. They may also be reaction entries that measure what students have learned.

Examples of Writing Prompts

  • List of Questions
    • Summarize what you learned today.
    • What questions do you have about today’s lesson?
  • Diagram or Illustration
  • Flow Charts
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Steps in a Process
  • Webs or Maps
  • Double-Entry Journal 
    • Left Side  – brainstorming, interpretation, drawing, maps, or notes
    • Right Side –  interpretations of the material on the left side of the page
  1. Grade learning logs on a pass/fail basis based on the effort students make in completing entries. 

Differentiating Instruction

Students may record answers on a tape recorder.

Give Learning Logs a Try

This free handout includes three printables that can be used with any novel study. A second set of printables for summarizing a lesson is also included.

You can download by clicking on the image below. 

Free Learning Logs Printables

Gay Miller

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