The War with Grandpa Activities

The War with Grandpa Activities

In The War with Grandpa, ten-year-old Peter learns from his little sister that Grandpa is going to come to live with his family. He will be staying in Peter’s room because his bad leg won’t allow him to climb two flights of stairs up to the guest bedroom. 

Peter is afraid to stay in the attic room with its creaks and shadows. This makes Peter angry that Grandpa will move into HIS room. Peter tells his best friends, Steve and Billy, about what is happening. They encourage Peter to fight for what is his. Shortly after moving in, Peter devises a series of pranks to drive Grandpa out.

Peter sets his grandfather’s alarm clock to go off at 3:00 AM. He leaves a note signed ‘The Secret Warrior’ telling Grandpa he has stolen his room, and he wants it back. The second prank is to take Grandpa’s slippers. Grandpa grows angry with Peter. He decides he can play the ‘war game.’ Grandpa takes Peter’s Monopoly game pieces, so Peter takes Grandpa’s watch. Then, Grandpa hides everything Peter needs to get ready for school making him late. Grandpa does not give up easily causing a “war” between the two.

The War with Grandpa Activities

Book Unit Samples

Comparing Cinderella Stories

This sample contains the following:

  • Comprehension for Chapters 1-3
  • Constructed Response Question

Teaching Idea #1 ~ Comparing the Book to the Movie

The War with Grandpa Activities

The movie based on Robert Kimmel Smith’s book began filming May 2, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia. Robert De Niro is playing the part of Grandpa. The cast includes Uma Thurman, Rob Riggle, Christopher Walken, and Cheech Marin. Oakes Fegle from Pete’s Dragon plays Peter. The War with Grandpa was released on the Disney Channel.

These handouts can be used to compare any book to its movie version. 

Teaching Idea #2 ~ Movie Trailer

Fans of the novel may enjoy the movie adaptation but should be prepared for some changes in how the story is presented.

One of the main differences between the movie and the novel is the age of the main character, Peter. In the novel, Peter is a 10-year-old boy, while in the movie, he is a teenager. This change in age has an impact on how the story is told. Peter’s motivations and reactions to the situation are different in the movie.

Another difference between the two is the level of conflict between Peter and his grandfather. The book focuses more on humorous pranks. The movie ramps up the tension and conflict between them, leading to more intense and even dangerous pranks.

Additionally, the movie introduces several new characters and subplots that are not present in the novel. This includes a romantic subplot involving Peter’s sister and her boyfriend, as well as a subplot involving a school bully.

Teaching Idea #3 ~ Partner Play

The War with Grandpa Activities

Here are a series of partner play based on 3 scenes from The War with Grandpa by Robert Kimmel Smith. 

  1. This scene is from the beginning of the novel when Peter first learns that his grandfather will be moving in with his family.
  2. This scene takes place in the middle of the novel when Peter and his grandfather are having a discussion about their prank war.
  3. This scene takes place towards the end of the novel when Peter and his grandfather are starting to realize the impact their prank war has had on their relationship.

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The War with Grandpa Novel Study

The War with Grandpa Novel Study includes vocabulary practice, comprehension questions, constructed response writing, and skill practice.  

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