Among the Hidden Writing Prompts

Among the Hidden Writing PromptsIn Among the Hidden, twelve-year-old Luke lives in a future dystonia society where the government has passed a law banning parents from having more than two children. The story opens with Luke, an illegal third child, enjoying his last minutes of freedom outdoors. The government has bought the woods behind Luke’s house to build a neighborhood of mansions. Without the woods as cover and with neighbors living so close, Luke must hide indoors.

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Writing Prompts for the Book

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Among the Hidden Writing Prompts

What is it like to be a shadow child?

Imagine you are a third child. What would your life be like? Would your family be more like Jen’s who doesn’t believe the government has the power to monitor citizen’s lives through the telephone, television, or computer? Does your home have technology? If so, what types? Would your family be more like Luke’s who completely believes the government has the power to practically read the minds of its citizens? Where would you spend your days? Would you hide in an attic room the way Luke does, or would you have the freedom to move around the house? How would you spend your time? Would you read quietly or play computer games?

Among the Hidden Writing PromptsWhat are the pros and cons of having a third child law?

Imagine your country is facing a major population explosion. People are starving. This could be because the food is not distributed correctly or simply not available. You are on a panel of government officials having to make some tough decisions about whether or not a third family law should go into effect. Make a T-chart and list the pros and cons of having a third child law. You may wish to read up on the laws that China created to get some background information for your T-chart. Here some good sites:

Among the Hidden Writing PromptsWhat is the city like?

Haddix tells the reader that Among the Hidden is set in the future. When you read about Luke’s and Jen’s lives, no mention of any advanced technology is mentioned. Could their society be like The Hunger Games where advanced technology is owned by a few wealthy citizens living in the capital city? Write a description of the advancements that the futuristic society has created. 

Among the Hidden Writing PromptsWhat is a totalitarian government?

Luke lives under a totalitarian government. His parents worry about having enough money to pay the bills especially after the government tells his family they must sell their hogs. Jen says the government wants everyone to be vegetarians. Just how much control does a totalitarian government have? Can they dictate what people eat? Research what a totalitarian government can do and how they keep their citizens from disobeying the strict rules. You may wish to begin with Hitler’s Nazi Government.

Among the Hidden Writing PromptsWhat types of propaganda could the government use to keep its citizens under control?

Research each of these types of propaganda techniques.

  • bandwagon
  • loaded terms
  • testimonial
  • name-calling

Decide which would be the most successful for a totalitarian government to use to control its citizens.

Create one of the following:

BILLBOARD (picture and words) Billboards must be read by drivers as they are quickly driving down the highway. Your drawing must be large and simple. Your words must be quickly read.

MAGAZINE LAYOUT (picture and words) A magazine illustration uses details. Your writing may be a paragraph.

RADIO SPOT (words only) You will need to persuade your listeners with vivid descriptions, slogans, or a creative story.

TELEVISION NEWSCAST (story map – series of at least 4 pictures with words for each) You will draw a series of pictures with words depicting what the actors will be saying under each drawing.

Get these writing prompts in a printable pdf.

Among the Hidden Writing Prompts

Free Samples from Among the Hidden Book Unit

Among the Hidden Book Unit Samples

If you would like to try out the Among the Hidden Book Unit before you buy it, this download contains the following free samples:

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Among the Hidden Book Unit

Among the Hidden Book Unit


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