How a Bill Becomes a Law Teaching Ideas

Are you looking for some interesting ways to teach students about how a bill becomes a law? Look no further. This post contains everything you will need.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

This section includes websites, videos, an anchor chart, and activities to use with your students.

Activity #1 – Anchor Chart

How a Bill Becomes a Law


This anchor chart simplifies the steps for a bill becoming a law.

  • Have students use the anchor chart to explain the steps in sentence form.
  • Ask questions such as…
    • What causes a bill to end?
    • When the President of the United States vetoes a bill, what happens?
    • What percentages of the Senate and House are needed to override a veto?
    • If one house passes a bill, what happens next?
    • What are the two ways a bill can become a law?
    • In which house can a bill be introduced?
    • What can the President do once he receives a bill?
    • Only the House has the power to —-.

Download the Google Form quiz.

Activity #2 – Sequencing Activity

Check out this online quiz. Students sequence the steps in how a bill becomes a law.

FREE Teaching Ideas & Activities on How a Bill Becomes a Law from Gay Miller @ Book Units Teacher

Activity #3 – Websites

FREE Teaching Ideas & Activities on how a bill becomes a law from Gay Miller @ Book Units Teacher


The official website contains lessons with activities for teachers to use with their students. The webpage covers the standard NCSS Standard: VI. Power, Authority, & Government. Using the activities included, students learn terms, methods, and the ins and outs of lawmaking.

The website breaks down the activities by grade level making it appropriate for 3 – 12 grades. contains a lesson with a great schematic showing the steps of a bill becoming a law. 

Scholastic provides the steps from a bill being drafted to overriding the President’s veto in easy-to-understand text.

Activity #4 – Videos


Activity #5 – Teaching US Government

Click the links to find additional resources for your US Government Unit.

Ten Interesting Facts . . .The US Constitution – This blog post contains a printable with interesting details plus free organizers on the Branches of Government and the Constitution.

Constitution Lap Book – This resource contains foldable organizers that work well as a lap book or interactive notebook.


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