Hot Cocoa Mix Filled Ornaments

These hot cocoa mix filled ornaments are a great way to teach writing instructional paragraphs this holiday season. Students can write instructions for how to make the ornaments and/or how to make a cup of hot chocolate using the mix from an ornament.

Be sure to look down the post for the link with free printables. The download includes the recipe as well as cute cards for the student writing activities.

Hot Chocolate Mix Filled Ornaments


What you will need —

  • Round Plastic Ball Ornaments 

    (Important ~ These must be plastic. The glass ornaments are extremely fragile. The link above will take you to one source for purchasing these.)Hot Chocolate Mix Filled Ornaments

    Each ornament holds enough mix to make one cup of hot chocolate. For each ornament, you will need:

    • 1/4 cup Hot Cocoa Mix with Marshmallows

    • 1 Tablespoon Chocolate Chips

    • 1 teaspoon Sprinkles

    • Ribbon (optional)Hot Chocolate Mix Filled Ornaments

To make the hot cocoa mix filled ornaments, remove the ornament tops. You will need a funnel to pour the ingredients into the ornament. Pour in the cocoa mix first, then the chips and sprinkles. By using a shish kabob stick, you can poke the marshmallows that get stuck in the funnel into the ornament.

Decorate the ornament by tying ribbons from the hanger. Hot Chocolate Mix Filled OrnamentsYou can use push pins to hang these from a bulletin board, hang the ornaments on a tree, or display them in a basket. [See last week’s post to see how to make a simple Christmas tree bulletin board.]

Hot Chocolate Mix Filled OrnamentsDownload instructions and printables. 

Teach instructional paragraph writing with these hot cocoa mix filled ornaments.

Happy Holidays


Gay Miller


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