Shiloh Novel Study Activities

Activities to do with your Shiloh Novel Study

Are you looking for a great book to read with your students? Students love reading the novel Shiloh! 

As Marty walks the hills of Friendly, West Virginia, he runs across a shy beagle pup. The pup follows him home. The two become friends. Marty names the pup Shiloh after the place he finds him. He soon learns he must return the dog to its rightful owner, Judd Travers, who is unkind to his dogs. After doing so, Shiloh turns up at Marty’s home for a second time. Marty decides to hide him on the hill behind his house. This leads to all kinds of trouble for Marty.

Read Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor to see how Marty deals with each obstacle. 

Activities for your Shiloh Novel Study

Shiloh Novel Study Samples 

Shiloh Novel Study

This sample contains the following:

  • Vocabulary for Chapters 1-2
  • Comprehension for Chapters 1-2
  • Constructed Response Question on Setting

Teaching Idea #1 ~ Pay Back Judd – Math Problems

Pay Back Judd – Math Problems

In this interactive online activity, students are asked to solve eight math problems related to the contract between Judd and Marty. The quiz is in a multiple-choice format. Students are given immediate feedback for right and wrong answers.

Teaching Idea #2 ~ Name that Dog

Shiloh Novel Study

Your class will have a blast with this fun trivia quiz. Twenty questions ask students to “Name the Dog” from books, cartoons, television, toys, and movies. You can easily turn this into a friendly competition to see which student knows famous dogs the best. 

Teaching Idea #3 ~ Shiloh Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Shiloh Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

This interactive crossword puzzle asks students questions related to the book. Students type the answer in a blank field, press enter, and the puzzle fills in the blanks. Once all the answers are filled in, students can get a grade for their work by clicking the “check button.” This is a fun alternative to pencil and paper crossword puzzles. 

Teaching Idea #4 ~ Research Topics

Have students do a small research project on one of these topics.

Becoming a Veterinarian

In Shiloh, Marty wants to become a veterinarian. “I want to be a traveling vet. The kind that has his office in a van and goes around to people’s homes, don’t make folks come to him.” 

Becoming a vet requires years of hard work, a great love for animals, and the ability to do well in college. Students who think being a vet is a good career, can research the answers to these questions.


  • Working with animals is one way to know if being a vet is a good career for you. What are some ways to get experience with animals?
  • How long do you go to school be become a licensed vet?
  • What is the starting salary of a vet?


After reading a story about Marty’s beagle, students will probably want to learn a little about this species of dog. 


  • How big are beagles in length, weight, and height?
  • Are all beagles tricolored? 
  • How long do beagles live?
  • What special talents do beagles have?
  • How sociable are beagles?

Phyllis Reynold Naylor

Students always enjoy learning a little about the author. 


  • When did Naylor publish her first story?
  • Did Naylor go to school to learn to write or was writing a hobby?
  • What is Naylor’s top award-winning novel? What awards has it won?

Teaching Idea #5 ~ Fun Crafts for Your Shiloh Novel Study

Craft Ideas for your Shiloh Novel Study

College – Our students created this college by cutting out magazine pictures and gluing them onto a cut-out beagle shape. This was a quick, fun activity for the students. 

Here are a couple more projects that look really fun.

Pipe Cleaner Dog 

How to Draw a Beagle – easy step-by-step drawing lessons for kids

How to Draw a Beagle
Play Video about How to Draw a Beagle

See the product that inspired this post.

Shiloh Novel Study

Shiloh Novel Study includes vocabulary practice, comprehension questions, constructed response writing, and skill practice. 

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