Thanksgiving Activities for Big Kids

With Thanksgiving just two weeks away, I’m sure you are looking for some activities that both celebrate the season and teach valuable lessons and skills.

Check out these free Thanksgiving activities for upper elementary students.

Activity #1 ~ Oreo Turkeys

Thanksgiving for Big Kids

Your students will have a blast creating this Thanksgiving turkey from Oreos, candy corn, Hershey Kisses, and Smarties. The turkey was “glued” together with icing. 

Activity #2 ~ The Story of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for Big Kids

The Story of Thanksgiving from Two Perspectives includes a turnaround upside down book as well as a comprehension game. With the turn around upside down book, students read about the Pilgrims from the beginning of the book to the center. They will then close the book, turn it upside down, and read the story of Squanto from the “new” beginning to the center.

After reading the book, students can play a game with comprehension questions related to the stories. Students move around the board game while answering inference questions including cause/effect, problem/solution, importance of setting, etc. covering several Common Core Standards. 

 Activity #3 Would You Rather

Thanksgiving for Big Kids

Have you ever used “Would You Rather Questions” in the classroom?The questions make great classroom discussions or writing prompts. Rachel Lynette has free “Would You Rather Questions” for most of the major holidays including “FREE Thanksgiving Would You Rather Question for Kids.” You’ll definitely want to download this free printable.

Activity #4 Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving for Big Kids

Sarah Svatos from LaProfesoralFrida has a free download titled “Giving Thanks.” The printable is full of activity and project ideas related to Thanksgiving. Her ideas vary from a classroom Thanksgiving tree where students write things they are grateful for on leaves to learning how to say thank you in different languages. Be sure to check out Sarah’s great ideas.

Activity #5 Reader’s Theater 

Thanksgiving for Big Kids

Chrissy Beltran provides “The First Thanksgiving: Reader’s Theater Adaptation” which she adapted for the children’s book The First Thanksgiving. The script contains nine parts, so it will work well with small reading groups.

Activity #6 Thanksgiving Maze 

Thanksgiving for Big Kids

Class Crown is a husband and wife team who have a series of free mazes for different holidays. Their “Thanksgiving Maze Puzzle – A-MAZE-ING Thanksgiving Leaf” looks quite challenging. This would make a great activity for early finishers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gay Miller


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