Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Chapter 02

Alice's Adventure in Wonderland - Chapter 2

Have students read and complete the vocabulary practice found in the handout. Next, students read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Chapter 2 ” The Pool of Tears.” using the text below, the audio version, or printable found in the handout. Finally, students complete the comprehension exercises.

Where should I begin?

Begin by downloading this FREE resource from Teachers Pay Teachers. This packet contains the materials you will need to turn the weekly blog posts into a full book unit.

Chapter 2 The Pool of Tears Summary

After eating the cake, Alice grows and grows. When she becomes nine feet tall, Alice is so upset she begins to cry. Alice’s tears flood the hallway. Alice then picks up a fan. This causes her to once again shrink. When Alice realizes what is taking place, she throws down the fan just in time not to shrink away to nothing. Now that Alice is small, she finds herself in the puddle of tears she cried when large. As Alice is swimming out of the puddle, she comes across a Mouse who is also swimming. Alice tries to be friendly but offends the Mouse by talking about her cat.

Chapter 2 The Pool of Tears Comprehension

The download includes three printables. The first is a short answer/multiple choice page. The second is a constructed response question (Students compare the parody found in Chapter 2 and the original poem. The poems are on one page and a separate page with questions is included.). Both comprehension exercises include full-page answer keys.

Download Chapter 2 here.

Sample Pages of Free Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Unit Chapter 2 The Pool of Tears

FREE Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Unit

Reminder: The best place to begin collecting your book unit is with the free Vocabulary Resource at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.



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