Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Chapter 01

Alice's Adventure in Wonderland - Chapter 1

Have students read and complete the vocabulary practice found in the handout. Next, students read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Chapter 1 ” Down the Rabbit-Hole” using the text below, the audio version, or printable found in the handout. Finally, students complete the comprehension exercises.

Where should I begin?

Begin by downloading this FREE resource from Teachers Pay Teachers. This packet contains the materials you will need to turn the weekly blog posts into a full book unit.

Chapter 1 Down the Rabbit-Hole Summary

A bored Alice is sitting on the riverbank with her sister. Suddenly, a large White Rabbit comes by talking about being late. Curiously, Alice follows it down a rabbit hole. Alice winds up deep in the ground in a hallway lined with locked doors.

Alice finds a key to open a small door that leads to a beautiful garden, but she is too large to fit through the doorway. She makes it her goal to visit the garden. Soon Alice discovers a bottle on a table labeled “DRINK ME.” After drinking the contents, Alice shrinks. She is the right size to go through the door, but now the door is locked, and Alice is too small to reach the key that she has left on the table. Next, she finds a cake with “EAT ME” written on it.

Chapter 1 Down the Rabbit-Hole Comprehension

The download includes two printables. The first is a short answer/multiple choice page. The second is a constructed response question with a graphic organizer for planning. Both comprehension exercises include full-page answer keys.

Download Chapter 1 here.

Sample Pages of Free Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Unit Chapter 1 Down the Rabbit-Hole

FREE Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Book Unit

Remember: The best place to begin collecting your book unit is with the free Vocabulary Resource at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


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