Call It Courage Teaching Activities

Call It Courage Teaching ActivitiesCall It Courage tells the story Mafatu, the son of the chief of Hikueru Island. As a young boy, Mafatu witnesses his mother dying in a storm. Due to this, he is terrified of the sea. This causes his father shame. Mafatu leaves Hikueru to prove he is not a coward. First, he lives through a hurricane as he travels across the Pacific Ocean in his small canoe. Next, he makes his home on a small island. Mafatu is determined not to return home until he can prove to his father that he is brave.

Call It Courage Book ActivitiesActivities to use with the Book

 Activity #1 [Teaching Ideas]

This website offers some literature circle ideas to use with the book.


Activity #2 [Book Covers]

Compare the different book covers. Which depicts the story the best? Explain why using details from the story.

Call It Courage Book Covers


Activity #3 [Movie Trailer]

Disney created a movie version of the book in 1973. This video shows the trailer for that movie. Show this 30-second promo before starting your book unit to build interest.

Activity #4 Anchor Chart with Printable Organizer 

Download the Call It Courage Book Unit sample to receive this printable.

Free Printable to use with Call It Courage

Activity #5 Book Unit Samples

Free Call It Courage Book Unit Samples

Do you need additional teaching resources? Check out Call It Courage Book Unit. Here are  a few sample pages below:

Call It Courage Book Unit


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