Teaching The Chocolate Touch and Chocolate Fever

Teaching The Chocolate Touch and Chocolate Fever

Chocolate Book Units

If you like to ability group students into different reading groups, Chocolate: The Chocolate Touch and Chocolate Fever Book Units Bundle will save you worlds of time. Both books share many of the same traits. These humorous stories teach students what can happen when too much chocolate is eaten. The interest level for both books is third to fifth grades. Chocolate Fever is the easier of the two. It has a Lexile Measure of 680. The Chocolate Touch is a bit more challenging with a Lexile Measure of 770. 

The units contain vocabulary booklets, comprehension printables, and constructive writing exercises. One unique aspect about the unit is the skill practice. The skills examples are all related to chocolate facts, not the specific books. Here are a few examples:

  • Prefix and Suffix Practice (Chocolate Trivia)
  • Figurative Language in Candy Slogans and Chocolate Bar Names
  • Context Clues Task Cards (Candy Sells)
  • Correcting Run-On Sentences by using Compound Sentences Task Cards (Making Chocolate)

Activities to use when Teaching Chocolate: The Chocolate Touch and Chocolate Fever

Activity #1 [Free Samples]

Click on the links to download samples.


Activity #2 [The Story of Chocolate Video]

This video pairs well with “Correcting Run-On Sentences.” 


Activity #3 [Cocoa Bulletin Board]

This idea came for 100+ Winter Bulletin Board Ideas.

Hot Cocoa Bulletin Board Idea


Activity #4 [Make S’Mores]

Make s'mores for a real classroom treat.


Making s’mores in the classroom is really easy. Have students work in small supervised groups. Students place marshmallows on shish kabob sticks. They then toast the marshmallows over a candle flame. Once toasted, students assemble the s’more by placing the melted marshmallows on graham crackers. Add chocolate. Then sandwich the treat together using a second graham cracker.

I used this activity with a small group of students who earned a reward by reading a specific number of books. 

S'mores are a delicious treat!

Check out the full Chocolate Unit on Teachers pay Teachers.

Chocolate: The Chocolate Touch and Chocolate Fever


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