Teaching Activities to use with Fantastic Mr. Fox

Teaching Ideas to use with the book Fantastic Mr. FoxActivities to use with Fantastic Mr. Fox

Your students will love reading Fantastic Mr. Fox. The story is about a clever fox who lives with his family in the woods next to three farms. His crazy neighbors are determined to catch the fox who has been stealing food from their stores. The story has laugh out loud moments as the farmers go to unreasonable lengths to catch the fox.

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Activity #1 [Lesson Plan from Roald Dahl’s Website]

Fantastic Mr Fox lesson plansCharacter Traits

Activity #2 [Storyboard That]

Fantastic Mr. Fox on Storyboard That

Storyboard That has a section devoted to the book.

Activity #3 [Sample Writing Activities from Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Unit]

Click the image below to download this free sample. This organizer pairs well with the anchor chart. Have students plan their answers. Once finished, students can write ideas on sticky notes to place on an anchor chart. 

Free Sample from Fantastic Mr. Fox Book UnitFantastic Mr. Fox Anchor ChartFree Sample from Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Unit

Free Sample from Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Unit

Do you need additional teaching resources? Check out Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Unit.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Unit



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