Teaching Activities for Fantastic Mr. Fox

Teaching Activities to Use with Fantastic Mr. Fox

Grab these teaching activities for Fantastic Mr. Fox. The story is about a clever fox who lives with his family in the woods next to three farms.

Mr. Fox routinely goes out each day to one of three neighboring farms to steal dinner for his family. The farmers of these three farms have had enough of Mr. Fox’s daily visits. They decide it’s time to stop him. The farmers camp out by Mr. Fox’s hole with plans to shoot him as he comes out to get his dinner.

Mr. Fox comes out of his hole only to get his tail shot off by the farmers. When the farmers realize they only have a tail, they decide to dig the foxes out of their den. Naturally, the farmers can’t dig fast enough to catch Mr. Fox. The farmers won’t give up. They get out their tractors. His crazy neighbors are determined to catch the fox who has been stealing food from their stores.

The story has laugh-out-loud moments as the farmers go to unreasonable lengths to catch the fox. This includes digging down the whole mountain. Next, the farmers decide to camp out by Mr. Fox’s hole to catch him.

The foxes are starving to death when Mr. Fox thinks of a clever idea to help his family. Read Fantastic Mr. Fox to see if the farmers or Mr. Fox wins the battle.

Teaching Activities to use with Fantastic Mr. Fox

Activity #1 [Free Novel Study Sample]

Click here to download your free novel study sample. This sample includes activities from Chapters 1-2 including vocabulary practice, comprehension questions, and constructed response questions.

Activity #2 [ASCII Art]

ASCII art is a graphic design that uses the standard keyboard to type a picture. Below is a simple fox. Have students try to duplicate this fox.

(.".)~~     )`~}}
 \o/\ /---~\\ ~}}
   _//    _// ~}

If your students enjoy this, here are a couple of websites with generators to experiment a little more.

Text to ASCII Art Generator (TAAG) – patorjk.com This generator has a space to type something. It turns your text into a bubble-looking image.

ASCII-Art-Generator.Org  This generator will let you upload an image. The generator converts the image to ASCII art. Imagine making a cute bulletin board with student drawn scenes from the novel converted to art. NOTE: If you wish to paste your finished art to a document, you must use monochrome text. This means all the letters are equal size. Try using Courier New for this.

Activity #3 [Lesson Plan from Roald Dahl’s Website]

The Roald Dahl Website provides free lesson plans. At the site download the 51-page pdf with printable activities for setting, themes, creating a play, and changing boring sentences. A second pdf provides practice with character traits.

Fantastic Mr Fox lesson plans

Activity #4 [Storyboard That]

Fantastic Mr. Fox on Storyboard That

Storyboard That has a section devoted to the book.

Activity #5 [Twinkl]

Download a free descriptive writing activity from Twinkl.

Activity #6 [Sample Writing Activities about this Fantastic Fox]

Free Organizer to Use with Fantastic Mr. FoxClick here to download this free book unit sample including this constructed response question.

This organizer pairs well with the anchor chart. Have students plan their answers. Once finished, students can write ideas on sticky notes to place on an anchor chart.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Anchor Chart.

Do you need additional teaching activities?

Check out Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Unit found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Teaching Activities Fantastic Mr. Fox


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