Teaching with the Animated Short Crow: The Legend

Teaching Reading and Writing with Animated Short Films - FREE Activities

Crow The Legend is a phenomenal animated short film. It features an all-star cast, is beautiful, and teaches a great lesson.

Crow The Legend

The Problem

The story begins with a narrator who tells the viewer how there was a time when it was always summer. Life for the animals was peaceful and worry free.

Moth and Skunk hear Crow singing. Skunk is infatuated with Crow. She slides down the bank and accidentally releases a smell. She runs away embarrassed because she “can’t let him smell her like this.”

The narrator then tells the viewer that one day winter came changing the lives of the animals.

The Journey

Owl tells Turtle, Moth, and Skunk that the solution to the cold weather is to send one of them fly past Moon and Sun to the place where the stars live. The animal must convince the creator to “unthink” the cold and make it warm again. The animals convince Crow to go. Crow flies by Moon, Sun, Saturn, and sees himself in one of the constellations.

Back on Earth, Skunk tells the others she thinks something has happened to Crow, so Moth decides to fly up and check on him.

Crow finds the palace of The One Who Creates Everything by Thinking, the source of the universe. He wakes up her up by singing. One Who Creates Everything by Thinking gives Crow a burning stick and sends him back to Earth. As he flies away, she says, “Let’s see what you are really made of.”

Meanwhile Moth flies by Sun who fusses at him for looking directly at him. As Moth is fighting his attraction of Sun, Crow rescues Moth. Crow then sticks the burning stick in an asteroid and tells Moth about fire. The fire catches Crow’s wing on fire. Crow fans his wing to put out the fire accidentally putting it out.

The Solution

Upset, Crow flies away from the other animals. Skunk follows him. Crow apologizes to her for “being a jerk.” When Crow remembers the words of The One Who Creates Everything by Thinking who tells him “Let’s see what you’re really made of,”  it becomes summer. His black feathers have some color in them. His smoke damaged new voice is a hoarse version of his previous voice, but Skunk likes his new sound.

Moth tells Crow he can’t give up. Skunk believes in him. Crow flies close to the sun to relight the stick. Even though he is successful, his actions are not without consequences. Crow’s beautiful feathers are blackened and his voice is hoarse.

Three Activities 

Teaching Reading and Writing Skills with Animated Short Crow: The Legend - FREE Lesson

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