Ancient Rome Unit for Sixth Graders

Ancient Rome Unit with Free Unit SampleAre you looking for a unit to teach Ancient Rome? Look no further. This unit has it all. Digital, printable, and interactive activities make this unit both engaging and flexible.

Ancient Rome Unit Routine

This unit contains 11 lessons. Each lesson follows the same routine. Day 12 is set aside for a unit test and for students to present their projects to the class.

Activity #1 – Ancient Rome Vocabulary

Ancient Rome Unit for Upper Elementary Students - Try it out with a free sample of Lesson 1.

First, present the vocabulary words. Definitions are included in the teacher presentation to help with this.

Next have students practice using the words.

Paper Option #1 – Have students create a vocabulary card for each word. 

Digital Option #2 – The vocabulary practice pages in Google Slides have boxes on the left sides of the pages for students to type definitions.

Practice — Finally student complete a practice exercise found in the vocabulary booklet or the digital option found in Google Slides.

Activity #2 – Read Ancient Rome Article

 Ancient Greece Unit for Upper Elementary Students - Try it out with a free sample of Lesson 1.

Next have students read the assigned article. You have three options for presenting this article to students.

  • WebsiteHave students read the assignment online on my website. One advantage to this is the website contains extra pages that are not presented using the other two methods. This is great for differentiated instruction. More advance students can expand their knowledge with additional reading. Another advantage is students go directly to the website to read. This means no downloading to Google Drive or making printable copies.
  • Google Slides —  These articles are designed in text boxes, so students can highlight and/or add notes to the articles.
  • Printable — This is the option you will need if you don’t have individual devices. Printables are also great to have in case the Internet is down or working slowly.

Activity #3Ancient Rome  Discussion with Note Taking

Ancient Rome Unit for Upper Elementary Students - Try it out with a free sample of Lesson 1. Teacher and student Google Slides are provided. The teacher presentation aids in discussion of the articles and emphasizes important details. This pairs with student pages for note taking. Students write or type notes [depending on which version you opt to use] in a “Graffiti Notes” [also referred to as “Doodle Notes”] exercise.

Lessons include:

  • Ancient Rome Introduction
  • Rome’s Geography and Early History
  • Government
  • The Punic Wars and The Fall of Greece
  • Civil War
  • Roman Gods and Goddesses
  • Classes of People
  • Architecture and Technology
  • Rome and Christianity
  • The Diaspora of the Jewish People
  • The Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Optional Pompeii 

Activity #4 – Technology Integration

Teacher Google slides include embedded YouTube videos. These present the same material in short clips.  I find that presenting the lesson’s information using a different media really aids in student retention of the material.

Activity # 5 – Quiz

Ancient Rome Unit for Upper Elementary Students - Try it out with a free sample of Lesson 1. Ancient Rome Unit for Upper Elementary Students - Try it out with a free sample of Lesson 1.

A short quiz in both Google Forms and printable versions is provided for each lesson. Depending on the level of your students, this can be an open notes or closed notes quiz. 

Activity # 6 – Hands-On Activity

Some lessons include interactive Google Slides where students move pieces around to label maps, make timelines, etc. Some lessons contain links to sections of my website where students can complete online matching exercises, and so on. Other lessons include craft suggestions and recipes that can be done in the classroom. I like to include at least two short crafts or one longer craft for each unit.

Ancient Rome Unit Project

For many, the Ancient Rome Unit comes toward the end of the school year. Due to this, the project includes several activities all on the same topic. This will greatly reduce the amount of time students spend researching compared to doing similar activities that are not connected. Also, the projects cover a large number of Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards

 Students will:

  • make models of Roman architectural innovations [i.e. dome, arch, column, etc. OR Coliseum, Pantheon, Baths of Caracalla, etc.]
  • create infographic posters, digital slide presentations, or videos explaining the construction of the structure
  • write argumentative essays explaining why their selected structure is the best Roman architectural innovation
  • work in small groups to plan a short presentation to the class
  • hold a debate – Students use the information from their argumentative essays to debate.

Additional Resources

The additional resources section includes everything students will need to complete the project such as planning pages and grading rubrics.


Check out the Ancient Rome Unit with this free sample. Purchase the full unit here.

Ancient Rome Unit for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students - Get Lesson 1

Check out Ancient Rome web pages at Book Units Teacher.

Ancient Rome for Sixth Graders


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