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The animated short film On the Same Page is uniquely creative. A news reporter types an article for the newspaper. The reporter types, “There is nothing to report today.”

The reporter looks out his window. He sees a girl swinging like Tarzan. She lands in the window of the “Comic Section” across the street. The girl grabs the bottom of the exclamation point and throws it at the reporter’s window to get his attention. The reporter opens his window and many sheets of newsprint fly out in the breeze.

The girl comes over and knocks on the reporter’s door. She pulls him through the street. The buildings are completely wrapped in newsprint in a fantasy-like city. As the two walk, they journey through various parts of the “newspaper.

On the Same Page Journey

Weather Section

First they walk by the “Weather” section. The building contains windows that reflect weather predictions: sunny, rain, a spring day, wind, and storms.

Entertainment Section

Next they walk past the building that represents the “Entertainment” section of the newspaper. The windows turn into movie billboards with star ratings underneath. The movies have fun names with just slight variation of famous old movies such as Verticals for Vertigo.

Financial Section

When they reach the financial section, the girl removes two 4’s and uses them as a glider to sail across the steeply dipping line graph. The boy skateboards down the graph. Suddenly the line graph changes to a steep upward climb bringing the man to safety on the other side of the graph.

Sports Section

In the “Sports” section, the man races across a stadium picking up pages of newsprint as he goes.

Obituaries Section

Next the man sees the “Obituaries” section which looks menacing and foggy.  He stops with grim expression on his face. The girl races forward trying to catch a piece of newsprint. She comes to the end of the path and falls. The man removes the letter A from the word obituaries. He climbs onto the A and flies down to rescue the girl.

Back at the Main Office

They fly back over the city to “The Daily News” building. As they look over the newspaper covered city everything looks cheery. The “Weather” building shows a week of sunshine. The “Entertainment” building shows only 5 star movies. The “Finance” section shows a rise in stock prices. The “Sports” section features a picture of the reporter running across the field with the caption “Rookie becomes MVP.”

On the Same Activities 

Free Printables to Use when Teaching Reading and Writing Skills with the Animated Short On the Same Page

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