Analogy Game ~ Round About

Download this fun analogy game. Instructions and printable playing cards are provided.My students love playing the analogy game “Round About.” In this fun activity, students get out of their desks and move around the room. This is a welcomed change from the many pencil and paper activities they so frequently are required to do. Here are the instructions for the activity:


  • You will be given a sheet with analogies that are missing the last word in the second pair. You must analyze the relationship of the first pair of words, and then find the final missing word on a classmate’s back. Next to the corresponding number on your recording sheet, write the answer. Even if you know a word that will make sense in the analogy, you must find the exact word on a classmate’s back before writing it on your sheet.

  • When the timer stops after ten minutes, return to your seat.

  • The answers will be checked to determine how many correct responses you identified.

 **** Click the image above to download this file with instructions and printables.

Common Core Skills

  •  Analogies

    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.5.5.c Use the relationship between particular words (e.g., synonyms, antonyms, homographs) to better understand each of the words.
    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.6.5.bUse the relationship between particular words (e.g., cause/effect, part/whole, item/category) to better understand each of the words.span>
    • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.7.5.b Use the relationship between particular words (e.g., synonym/antonym, analogy) to better understand each of the words.


If you discover your students need practice using the different types of analogy relationships, check out these three FREE foldable graphic organizers. You will find these in the August 31, September 7, and September 14, 2015 Monday Blog Posts.

Free Printable Analogy Foldable OrganizersFree Printable Analogy Foldable Organiers


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