King Tut Day Activities

King Tut Day Activities

Are you ready to bring history to life for your students? Do you want to uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt and its most famous ruler? Then join me in celebrating King Tut Day on November 4th!

King Tut Day marks the anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. This day is an excellent chance for upper elementary teachers to take their students on a fantastic adventure into ancient Egypt.

In this blog post, I will share some fun and educational activities that explore King Tut’s life, the treasures in his tomb, the fascinating world of Egyptian gods, and more. These activities will help students learn more about this great civilization.

Begin by getting the handout. It includes everything you will need to complete the activities.

King Tut Day Activities

Activity #1 – Unraveling the Story of King Tut

King Tut Day Activities

Begin the lesson by having students read the short story of King Tutankhamun found in the “Student Packet” of the handout. This story highlights key aspects of his life, including his reign, his mysterious death, and the discovery of his tomb by Howard Carter. After reading, have students answer the comprehension question. Select between short answer and multiple choice versions.

For visual learners, here are some YouTube videos you might like:

More Options

You can use this  National Geographic Article to introduce your students to King Tut’s biography. You can also use this Britannia Timeline to show students the significant events of his reign and his family tree.

Activity #2 – Create Models of Egyptian Artifacts

Inspire students’ creativity by having them create models of Egyptian artifacts commonly found in tombs. Provide materials such as clay, cardboard, paint, and craft supplies. Students can choose to recreate iconic artifacts like the golden death mask of Tutankhamun, canopic jars, or miniature replicas of ancient Egyptian furniture. This hands-on activity allows students to gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and artistry of ancient Egypt.

Activity #3 – Animated Shorts on Ancient Egypt

King Tut Day Activities

Enhance the learning experience by incorporating animated shorts that bring ancient Egypt to life. These movies include a mix of educational and humorous short films that add a little fun to your study:

Activity #4 – Exploring Egyptian Gods 

Egyptian Gods

The ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods and goddesses, each with their own specific powers and responsibilities. They believed their gods directly impacted their daily lives and that by pleasing the gods, they could secure their well-being and prosperity. 

Introduce students to Egyptian mythology and the gods worshipped with the flashcards included in the handout. Students can use the cards to test their knowledge. For example, one student can read a description of a god and ask another student to identify the god and its symbol or animal form.

Activity #5 -Virtual Tour of Egyptian Landmarks

King Tut Day Activities

Take your students on a virtual tour of iconic Egyptian landmarks such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings. Utilize the online resources or virtual reality experiences listed below to give students an immersive journey through these historical sites. Please encourage them to take notes and share their impressions during a class discussion.

Be sure to check out the Ancient Egypt pages on Book Units Teacher. 

King Tut Day offers a captivating opportunity to explore the wonders of ancient Egypt with your upper-elementary students. By engaging in activities that delve into the story of King Tut, encourage creativity in recreating Egyptian artifacts, utilize animated shorts, explore Egyptian gods, and decode hieroglyphics, you will provide your students with a rich experience.

Have fun exploring the wonders of ancient Egypt with your students! 🏺🐪🌞

Gay Miller

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