Oreo Cookie Day Activities

National Orel Cookie Day

National Oreo Cookie Day is a delicious occasion that provides an opportunity to engage and excite students in learning while celebrating this iconic treat. As upper elementary grade teachers, you can incorporate fun and educational activities centered around Oreo cookies to create a memorable and engaging experience for your students. This blog post will explore exciting activities to celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day in your classroom.

Be sure to get the handout. It includes the printables you need to complete some of the activities.

National Oreo Cookie Day Activities

Activity #1: Oreo Trivia Challenge

National Oreo Cookie Day Activities

Start the day with an Oreo trivia challenge to test your students’ knowledge about this beloved cookie. Use the list of prepared questions in the handout.

Divide the class into teams. Award points for correct answers. Reward the winning team members with a no-cost prize such as:

  • be the first ones to line up for bathroom breaks, lunch, class changes, etc., for the day
  • free time or extra technology time for the last 15 minutes of the day
  • no shoes in class

Let the trivia fun begin!

Activity #2: History of Oreos and National Oreo Cookie Day

Ask students to read the article “History of Oreos and National Oreo Cookie Day” in their “Student Packet.”

Once they have finished reading, instruct the students to write down their answers to the discussion questions or engage in a whole-class oral or small-group discussion with peers.

Activity #3: Oreo Tasting and Graphing

Animated Short Hook

Step 1: Blind Taste Test

Materials needed:

  • blindfolds
  • various Oreo cookie flavors (e.g., Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint, Peanut Butter)
  1. Divide students into groups.
  2. Have one student from each group come to the front of the class for the first round.
  3. Arrange students with their backs to the class so students cannot see the cookies they are going to taste.  Blindfold these students.
  4. While blindfolded, give each student samples of different Oreo flavors. To keep the results accurate, number the samples and ensure each student tastes the pieces in the same order.
  1. Instruct the blindfolded students to taste the Oreo cookies and try to guess the flavors.
  2. After tasting, have students write their guesses on paper and number their favorites from 1 (most favorite) to 5 (least favorite). Collect the papers without revealing the correct answers.
  3. These students can return to their group and lead their group members through the same process until every student has tasted all cookie flavors and recorded their guesses and favorites.

Step 2: Creating Graphs

Materials needed:

  • collected guess papers
  • chart paper or a whiteboard
  • markers
  • rulers (if using bar graphs)
  1. Gather all the guess papers and tally the results of correct/incorrect guesses and favorites. You can reveal the flavors at this time.
  2. Create two graphs. One represents the class’s preferences, and the second is for correct/incorrect guesses on chart paper or whiteboard. You can use a bar graph or a pie chart, depending on your preference and the students ‘ graphing skills.
  3. Once the graphs are complete, discuss the findings with the students. Analyze the data to identify the most and least preferred Oreo flavors and the number of correct guesses.

Activity # 4: Oreo Design Challenge

Cookie Challenge

Unleash your students’ creativity with an Oreo design challenge. Provide each student with plain Oreo cookies and various edible decorating materials, such as frosting, sprinkles, mini marshmallows, and small candies. Instruct them to transform their cookies into unique and imaginative creations.

Encourage students to think outside the box and explore different themes or characters. Afterward, have a mini-gallery walk where students can admire and discuss each other’s cookie designs.

Activity #5: Oreo Math Magic

Turn math into a sweet treat by incorporating Oreos. Use Oreo cookies as manipulatives to teach various mathematical concepts. For example, students can practice fractions by dividing the cookies into equal parts and representing them visually. They can also explore geometry by creating shapes or patterns using Oreo cookies. This hands-on approach to math will make learning engaging and memorable.

Check out the math logic problems found in the “Student Packet.”

Activity # 6: Oreo Writing Prompts 

Oreo Cookie Day Activities for Upper Elementary Students

Introduce the Oreo-themed writing prompts to your students as a fun and engaging activity to inspire their writing skills.

Explain to the students that they can write descriptive paragraphs, stories, persuasive arguments, or imaginative pieces related to Oreos.

Discuss the different writing prompts with the students, emphasizing that they can choose the prompt that interests them the most.

Explain the specific expectations for each type of writing prompt. 

  • Descriptive paragraphs use sensory details and vivid language to depict their favorite Oreo memory. 
  • For persuasive arguments, guide students to present logical reasons and supporting evidence to convince the reader why Oreo cookies are the best snack. 
  • For imaginative pieces, please encourage students to let their creativity run wild and imagine a world entirely made of Oreos, describing the sights, sounds, and experiences of such a place.


Check out the writing samples for each type of writing in the handout.

Activity # 7: On the Web

Oreo Cookie Animated Commercials [4:20]

HOW IT’S MADE: Oreo Cookies [8:03]

Discover the 360° world that inspired Filled Cupcake Flavored Oreo Cookies [1:02]

National Oreo Cookie Day presents a delightful opportunity to engage your upper elementary students in enjoyable educational activities. By incorporating these Oreo-themed activities into your classroom, you can create a memorable and interactive learning experience while celebrating the joy of these tasty treats. From trivia challenges and graphing to design challenges and writing prompts, there are numerous ways to infuse Oreo cookies into your lessons and make learning engaging and exciting.

So, grab a pack of Oreo cookies, let your students’ creativity shine, and indulge in the sweetness of National Oreo Cookie Day with these fun-filled activities.

Happy National Oreo Cookie Day!

Gay Miller

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