The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ~ Chapter 7 “The Journey to the Great Oz”


Chapter 7 ~ The Journey to the Great OzDownload The Wizard of Oz Free Book Units ~ Chapter 7.

The next day’s travels turn into quite an adventure for the group. First they come to a large ditch. After contemplating, Lion figures he can jump the length. One by one Lion carries each member of the party across the ditch. The travelers continue through the dark and gloomy forest coming to a second ditch much larger than the first. Scarecrow uses his “brain” to devise a plan for crossing. He asks the Tin Woodman to chop down a tree forming a bridge over the gap. As they began to cross, two Kalidahs, frightening beasts with the heads of tigers and bodies of bears, start to chase the group. The Tin Woodman, following the Scarecrow’s orders, chops the tree bridge down before the Kalidahs could reach them sending the Kalidahs tumbling into the ditch. Finally the travelers come to a river. Tin Woodman starts to build a raft, so the group can cross. This is a big job, so the Tin Woodman must work through the night while the others rest.


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Chapter 7



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