Teaching Reading using the Animated Short The Box

Teaching Reading and Writing with Animated Short Films - FREE Activities

The animated short film The Box is based on real events that are taking place in Syria. The film is meant to educate the world about the struggles the Syrians are facing. 

Syria Today

A civil war is taking place between the Ba’athist Syrian Arab Republic led by President Bashar al-Assad and various domestic and foreign forces opposing the Syrian government.

In 2000, al-Assad became president. He rules the country like a dictator. As the people in Syria became unhappy with his power, protests demanding a democratic government rule the country started. This has caused a chain reaction of al-Assad killing people who speak against him causing more and more citizens to fight against al-Assad.

More than 250,000 people have died and millions have fled their homes.

The Box Story

The film begins in a light-hearted way with a young child happily playing with a cardboard box. The mood swiftly changes when war comes close. Once the child’s home is bombed, the boy is alone except for his pet cat.

The box that was once a playhouse turns into the boy’s shelter in a refugee camp. The film flashes through a series of scary scenes at the refugee camp. The people look sad. Children are eating leaves, taking baths in tubs, and bombs explode nearby.

During a wind storm, the box blows away causing the boy to make a mad dash for his shelter. He catches up with the box, folds it into a square, and walks away from the refugee camp. The boy walks endless hours carrying the box. At one point, the boy imagines his parents are near but soon realizes they are just figments of his imagination.

Once the boy reaches the sea, he refolds the box into a boat. The mood is terribly sad as the boy’s pet cat refuses to get into the boat with him. The film ends with the hope that the boy will sail in his cardboard boat to safety.

Two Activities 

Free Printables to Use when Teaching Reading and Writing Skills with the Animated Short The Box

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