Black History Month Scoot Activity

Black History Scoot Activity

Playing Scoot turns using a set of task cards into a game. You play by placing one task card on each student’s desk. For easier recording, place the cards in numerical order. Give each student one copy of a sheet to record answers.


Each student will read the question on the activity card on his/her desk and will record the answer. After a length of time (approximately 1 minute),a signal is given for the students to scoot to the next desk. The signal may simply be the teacher saying “move” or a noise such as a bell. The procedure repeats at each desk. The activity continues until all students end up at the desks where they began the activity.

Why Play

Playing Scoot is a great activity for several reasons:

  • Students must stay on task because after a short time, they will be asked to move to the next task.
  • Students get to move a bit. This is great for those students who need a movement break.

Black History Month

Black History Month, I have created a set of task cards that will work well for Scoot. In this set of 30 task cards, students read a short description of a famous African American. Students then select the person’s name from a bank and write it on their “Scoot Recording Sheet.” 

Free Black History Month Task Cards

A page to record answers is also included.

Free Printable Task Cards Answer Recording Page


An answer key is also provided.

Free Printable Task Cards for Black History Month


If you have not given this activity a try, you are in for a real treat. You may download this free printable activity at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Feedback and Teaching Idea

I posted this outside my SC (School Counseling) office during Black History Month and the kids loved it. The teachers would send their kids down to complete the scoot. I used it right next to my Black History Month bulletin board. One day I overhead kids educating each other, and having conversation about their history. I will definitely use this next year.


Gay Miller


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