Using PowerPoint ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 1

Using PowerPoint to increase scores on Teacher Evaluations ~ This blog post contains links to two PowerPoint presentations as well as the printables needed for those twolessons.

In the past couple of years, teacher evaluations have become more and more stressful. I admire teachers who can perform under pressure with ease. Since I am not one of those teachers, I have come up with a number of gimmicks [for lack of a better word] to help me remember the one hundred or so components that must be included in an evaluation lesson. I will discuss some of these ideas in a series of posts. Here is the first Using PowerPoint.

Using PowerPoint

Once you begin making PowerPoint presentations with your lessons, you will wish you had started years ago. Moving from one task to another becomes easy with instructions, examples, and a number of other lesson elements posted in the PowerPoint for the class to see. Even a simple PowerPoint with text only can prompt you through a lesson.

Having a lesson run smoothly is especially important when under the pressure of an evaluation. During my last evaluation, I knew the next activity I had planned and was ready to move forward. I then pressed the button to advance the PowerPoint slide and there was a mid-lesson review of the teaching standard, a requirement for our evaluations. If I had not been prompted, I would have completely skipped over this component and been docked a point. [Yeah, PowerPoint!]

I am including two PowerPoint lessons with this post as samples. Download them. Edit them to meet the needs of your students. Then try them in your classroom. All I ask is that you don’t repost these PowerPoints in any form on your websites or blogs.


I used this lesson with an inclusion class of fourth grade students. I have a link to the PowerPoint directly below. You may click the link or the PowerPoint image to download. Below this image is the link to the handouts that go with the lesson. They are a free download on Teachers Pay Teachers.


Analogies PowerPoint

Analogies PowerPoint

Handouts for this lesson are free on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Click this link to receive the printables for this lesson.

Fun with Analogies

Sample Pages from Fun with Analogies

Author’s Purpose

This PowerPoint has three parts. I completed the first two parts with my fifth grade inclusion class before the formal teacher evaluation. Here again, I have included links to both the PowerPoint and the printable resources. The printable is a condensed version of the PowerPoint activities. Although it does not follow the PowerPoint step-by-step, it contains the graphic organizer, response cards, and test. You may click the link or the image to download the PowerPoint.


Author's Purpose PowerPoint

Author’s Purpose PowerPoint


Handouts for this lesson are free on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Click this link to receive the printables for this lesson.

Author's Purpose Graphic Organizer

Author’s Purpose Graphic Organizer


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