Displaying Student Work ~ Teacher Evaluations Part 2

Displaying Student WorkGet Top Marks on your Teacher Evaluation by Using the Method to Display Student Work

One component of our teacher evaluation is displaying current student work. I actually heard one evaluator say that she looks at student work to see in the edges are curled up. This was a sign the page had been displayed for a while. Another teacher said she was marked down because she displayed student work out in the hallway in place of all over her classroom. 

This simple idea helped me achieve top marks in this area.

Magnetic Shapes

The animals on the front of the students’ desks are wooden. They may be purchased from craft stores. These came from Michaels. Michaels offers both the plain unpainted wooden shapes and prefinished as seen in the photo. I decided to go with woodland animals, but you can find a large assortment of shapes including vehicles, sports, and dinosaurs. Using a Sharpie marker, I wrote students’ names on the front of the wooden shapes and glued magnets on the backs. The magnetic shapes cling to the metal desks and are easily rearranged when students move to new locations.

Getting Students Involved

Students select one page of work they wish to display. I ask that they change the page at least once a week, but students may change them as often as they wish.

The students love showing off their good work, and I love that I don’t have to worry about this one area on the teacher evaluation checklist!


Gay Miller


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