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Teaching Measurement – Free Interactive Resources

Measurement Unit - Many FREE Activities to use with Students

Teach measurement with these device response, interactive web pages. I am super excited about my measurement activities. Years ago when I was first learning how to build web pages, this was one of my first projects. The programs and codes I originally used were so outdated that only about a third of the pages worked. Now everything is in full working order, device responsive, and interactive. YEAH!  Here’s what you will find.

Reference Materials

Several reference charts provide illustrations for each measurement unit. Continue Reading

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Teaching Reading using the Animated Short The Box

Teaching Reading and Writing with Animated Short Films - FREE Activities

The animated short film The Box is based on real events that are taking place in Syria. The film is meant to educate the world about the struggles the Syrians are facing.  Continue Reading

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Tracker by Gary Paulsen Teaching Ideas

Tracker by Gary Paulsen Teaching Ideas

Two weeks prior to the first scene in the book, Grandpa learns the doctors have done everything possible to rid him of his cancer. Doctors give him a few months to live. This devastates his grandson John. John came to live with his grandparents on their farm in northern Minnesota after the death of his parents in a plane crash when he was four.   Continue Reading

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Chocolate in the Classroom

Teaching Ideas using Chocolate

Do you want to keep students excited about learning? Try using the theme of chocolate. Students will love reading books about chocolate. Playing games with a chocolate theme is fun. Eating chocolate is also a must. Check out the newly updated “Chocolate in the Classroom” section of the Book Units Teacher website for ideas. Here’s what you will find. 

Chocolate Timeline

In the “History of Chocolate” you will find a timeline. A group of my students created this timeline as part of a project a number of years ago. Unfortunately, it is six pages long. YIKES! Students would be bored-out-of-their-minds trying to read through the timeline. Because of this, I created a scavenger hunt to make finding details fun. Students skim through the facts to find specific dates or information from these webpages. They add the information to the printable creating their own mini-timelines. Download the free printable here to get started. Students can use the timeline to write a paragraph similar to this one. Continue Reading

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Research Paper Project for Elementary Students

Teaching Elementary Students How to Write a Research Paper using an Animal Theme

All third graders and up in our school create a research paper each year. One year students may write about famous people from their social studies text. The next year they write about topics from science. The school year is just too short not to cover multiple skills with the research project. 

Sources and the Bibliography

We have the best school librarian. She takes on the task of helping the students with their research. Students must use a minimum of three references: a book, an encyclopedia, and a website.  Continue Reading

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