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Children’s Books into Movies 2020


While watching a series of previews at the theater over the holiday, I thought…”This is based on a children’s book. Another children’s books. Can you believe it? Still another children’s book.” I began to get excited at the thought of so many children’s books becoming movies. So…I went home and did a little investigating. Book lovers are in for a real treat this 2020. Continue Reading

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Using The Catch to Teach Reading Skills

Teaching Reading and Writing with Animated Short Films - FREE Activities

The animated short film The Catch is a fable-like story in which a young fisherman who has no luck until an act of kindness changes his fate.  Continue Reading

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Teaching using the Dolittle Movie


With its megastar cast, many students will be talking about the upcoming movie Dolittle on MLK weekend – January 17, 2020. Not only does the film feature Robert Downey Jr. as Dolittle, the animals are voiced by superstars. Just to name a few, Tom Holland will play Dolittle’s dog Jip; Emma Thompson will play the parrot Polynesia; and Selena Gomez will play the giraffe Betsy. Take advantage of this high interest moment by teaching a few skills connected with the film. Continue Reading

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Different Ways to Start Sentences

FREE Teaching Ideas & Activities for Teaching Different Was to Start Sentences from Gay Miller @ Book Units Teacher

Students should use different ways to start sentences. Teaching students to use a variety of sentence structures can greatly improve their writing. Begin by having students write a short passage. This can be on any topic including narratives or nonfiction. Next have students use highlighters to underline the first word in each sentence. Students will be surprised that their sentences often begin with the same words repeated over and over.

Go over some ways to begin sentences other than the typical subject-verb sentence structure. Then have students rewrite their passages making sure that every sentence begins with a different word. Turn the activity into a challenge by seeing how many different sentence beginning methods students can use in their passages. Continue Reading

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Educational Classroom Games

Educational Classroom Games - 10 Questions - A Fun Learning Activity

Can we play a game? Students ask teachers this question daily. Finding great educational classroom games challenges teachers to think outside the box. 

Tips for Playing Educational Classroom Games

    1.  Ask Siri on an any Apple Device.

    Talking to Siri is a quick way to get things done. Siri can flip a coin, pick a card, or roll a dice. Siri will also pick a random number. Ask Siri to set a timer. Students can also use Siri to search the web for answers to questions they don’t know. Continue Reading

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One Word or Two Vocabulary Practice

Have you ever wondered if you should write apart or a part? How about anyone or any one? English contains so many confusing words. Often students wonder if they should use one word or two. These free activities provide practice with six sets of confusing word pairs using Google Apps.

One Word or Two

Apart vs. A Part

apart – adverb meaning separated by distance or besides paired with from Continue Reading

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Using Passive and Active Voice

FREE Teaching Ideas & Activities for Teaching Passive and Active Voice from Gay Miller @ Book Units Teacher

You can improve your students’ writing by teaching the differences between passive and active voice. This post includes an anchor chart going over the differences, a sorting activity, and a writing activity.

Passive vs. Active Voice

What is the difference between passive and active voice? Continue Reading

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