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Dog Themed Novel Studies

Students love dogs! According to American Pet Products Association (APPA) approximately 44% of all households in the United States are dog owners. This is approximately 89.7 million dogs. They want to tell you about their dog's newest antics. Because of this writing using a dog theme is extremely motivating for students who don't want to write. The post will provide several ideas for writing using a dog theme.

More Interesting Facts

  • Seventy-seven percent of dog owners allow their pets to roam anywhere in the house. Only seven percent of people keep their dogs outside.

  • Forty-two percent of dog owners sleep with their dogs.

  • The United States has the largest dog population. It more than doubles the second-highest dog population country, China.

Get more statistical information about pets at Statista.


Writing Ideas Great Dog Writing Projects for the Classroom

If your students enjoy reading about incredible dogs, they may enjoy this collection of stories sent to the "Spectator." The stories were written in late 1800's so are now in the public domain. Here is one to get you started. Dog Stories

I had bought a Spanish poodle pup of an Irishman who assured me, "Indade, sir, an' the dog knows all my childer do, only he can't talk." He shut doors, opened those with thumb-latches, and rushed upstairs and waked his mistress at words of command. One day we were starting to drive to our former home in the city, six miles distant, but the dog was refused his usual place in the carriage, and shut up in the house. When we arrived, to our astonishment we found him waiting for us on the doorstep! We could not conceive how he got there, but upon inquiry found that he had got out, gone to the station, in some way entered the train, hid under a seat, and on arrival in the city threaded his way a mile through the streets, and was found quietly awaiting our arrival.

R. P. S.

Pictures - The saying a picture is worth a thousand words really is true. Click here to view some pictures of dogs that tell stories. The link takes you to a Google Slide presentation which includes not only the photos but questions for students as well. 

Letters to the 'Spectator'

Great Dog Writing Projects for the Classroom

Free Stories for Inspiration

The Spectator is a British magazine. It began weekly publications in 1828. In 1895, Editor J. St. Loe Stachey collected dog stories that had been sent in for publication. These stories were published in a book titled Dog Stories from the "Spectator." These stories are now in the public domain. They are short and interesting making them perfect for classroom use. The stories include tales of dogs that traveled by train, protected loved ones, and showed great signs of intelligence.

Dog Quotes

Have students add famous dog quotes to their stories.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. - Man's Best Friend. - Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog. It merely expands the heart. - Love is a four-legged word. - The road to my heart is paved with paw prints. - If you’re lucky… A dog will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything! - The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

Informational Text with Comprehension and Writing Questions

Unfortunately, the dog dictionary no longer resides on the school website. - Move out the old to make room for the new. - I took some of the photos from the project and created Google Slides. On the slides, writing prompts to ask questions. You can download the Google Slides here. Dog Photos to use as Writing Prompts. Be sure to save them to your Google Drive to make the slides editable.

Informational Text with Comprehension and Writing Questions

Great Dog Writing Projects for the Classroom

I wrote this article for my students years ago as part of a dog project we were doing. When getting this blog post together, I added three pages of questions about the article. Questions range from recalling details, to understanding information on charts, to creating a Venn diagram with the information provided. This makes a great practice activity for standardized tests. I have included both printable and Google Slide versions. The answer key is found in the printable version.

Great Dog Writing Projects for the Classroom