American Revolution Lesson Plans

American Revolution Unit  american_revolution.htm

Day 1

Textbook pages 208-209

Sons of Liberty  lesson_3.htm

The Boston Massacre & The Boston Tea Party  lesson_4.htm

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Tea Tasting

Day 2

Textbook page 210

The First Continental Congress  lesson_5.htm

The Minutemen & The Battle of Concord and Lexington lesson_6.htm

Bunker Hill  lesson_7.htm

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Play Songs

Day 3

Textbook page 211

The Second Continental Congress & the Hessians  lesson_9.htm

Common Sense and  the Declaration of Independence  lesson_10.htm

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Day 4

Textbook pages 216-217

Who will win?  lesson_8.htm

Washington Crosses the Delaware and the Battle of Saratoga  lesson_14.htm

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Day 5

Textbook page 218-219

Valley Forge and the End of the War  lesson_15.htm

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