The Perilous Road

Map of Tennessee



Vocabulary Word of the Day - scalawag and grabble

scalawag - ne'er-do-well, good-for-nothing, troublemaker, rascal
Page 36 - Mammy and Pappy would speak out, would say nay to their oldest son joining up with such thieves and scalawags.

grabble  - To feel around with the hands; grope, grabble, feel blindly, flounder
Page 36 - "You better hush up that kind of foolish talk and get to grabbling up them 'taters, Chris snarled at her.


Civil War Literature Unit

Lesson 4 - Abolitionists
2 Picture Book of Harriet Tubman
By David Adler
AR Reading Level 4.7  Point Value 0.5

1 Picture Book of Frederick Douglass
By David Adler
AR Reading Level 4.9  Point Value 0.5

2 Picture Book of Sojourner Truth
By David Adler
AR Reading Level 5.5  Point Value 0.5





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