Anchor Charts


Enjoy these activities to help teach the skill plot in literature to your students.

Plot in Literature

Enjoy this free printable 20 by 30 inch plot development anchor chart. In just minutes you can print, assemble, and have the anchor chart ready for use.

You will also find this free printable anchor chart here.

I love using the Plot Development Roller Coaster analogy to help students understand the stages of plot. I created a blog post here that goes over the steps in detail.

One great way to use this anchor chart is to divide the class into small groups.  Each group creates one anchor chart. These can be for the same novel or different stories. This works expecially well if you have book clubs with different groups of student reading different books.

Students write their summaries of the novel or story on lined paper using a different piece of paper for each part of the plot. The summaries are then glued inside the boxes on the anchor chart over the lines on the writing lines on the chart keeping the title visible. These make a great classroom display that looks really impressive to visitng administers or parents.





Additional Plot Resources

The links below go to a series of blog post that detail Christopher Booker's Seven Basic Plots. Each post contains printables to teach the plot structure. The final two posts contain activities for students.






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