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I decided to change this page from a set of lesson plans into a list of links to activities that can be found on my website because the majority of the page was inapplicable.

  • Tennessee is implementing a new set of standards. Exploration has now moved to 3rd grade. Because of this, textbook references were irrelevant.
  • The lessons were originally full of resource links to other websites. Most of these are no longer active.

Resources on Book Units Teacher

Explorers Timeline
Foods from the New and Old Words

The explorers were introduced to new foods they had never seen or tasted before. Chocolate was one of these foods. The cacao tree grew wild in America. In the early 1500's when Hernando Cortex conquered Mexico, the Aztec emperor Montezuma served him a drink called chocolate. Cortez brought the beverage back to Spain. With sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon added to sweeten the bitter drink, it became a favorite with the Spanish aristocracy. In the 1600s the drink won popularity among the upper classes in France and England. Make a cup of hot chocolate.

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Make two lists: one of foods, plants, and animals that were familiar to the Old World and one of foods, plants, and animals that were familiar to the New World. Go here to compare your lists to the ones we made.