Harry Potter

Harry Potter
Harry Potter"
This board features a combination of projects based on the Harry Potter series.

This bulletin features Harry Potter, but you could create a similar bulletin board with any novel.

Have students create art projects related to themes in the book. For this bulletin board, students created magical wands, snowy owls, and wizard coins. Display these on the board.

This board also features photographs of one of the projects students did while reading the novel -the House Sorting Ceremoney. One at a time, students sat on a small stool and drew out a house from a special wizard hat. While reading the novel, students earned points for their houses for turning in assignments, acts of kindness, and so on. Photos of the sorting ceremony was a great addition to the bulletin board.

The final piece on this bulletin board is drawings of family trees. Students drew the Potters and the Dursleys. This acitivity can be done with any novel that includes several family members as main characters in the novel.

Fill up your bulletin board with a mix of different things - crafts, photos, drawings - or focus on just one of these. Either way you go, the board will look great.

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